Company profiles

RICHOY Australia is an organization based in Melbourne, providing business advisory services to Chinese and Australian clients or businesses. Two-way communication in terms of commerce, services, tourism, immigration between Australia and China has become inseparably close, and contacts of businesses and individuals between Australia and China have been unprecedented frequent. On this basis, we find a lot of business service vacancies. Many Chinese enterprises and individuals entered Australian market with the hope to establish enterprise projects and personal trade. However, they are not fully aware of the Australian domestic market conditions, or local legal requirements. Established in Melbourne Australia for many years, our company has enough experience to be able to provide various services for you. We have professional business consulting team in all aspects, who will provide you with the most satisfied one-stop service.

Scope of services

As a business advisory service provider, RICHOY Australia will offer consulting services of different levels based on different requirements from clients.
Our company has enough local experience to be able to customize business solution to best suit each enterprise or individual.
Services for Australian businesses or individuals

Services for Australian businesses or individuals

1 Education Consulting Services
2 General Training Services
3 Real Estate Investment Advisory Services
4 Marketing Consulting Services
5 Tourism Investment Services
6 Design Services, Digital Software

For Chinese enterprises to seek the development of services in Australia

1 Business visits
2 Seeking for suitable Australia products
3 Seeking for investment opportunities in Australia
4 Helping Chinese enterprises participate in various exhibitions activities in Australia

Business cooperation

Cooperation is everywhere in today's society and trust is the foundation of cooperation.
Many international organizations and groups cooperate with each other, and such cooperation is based on mutual trust.
Cooperation requires different individuals working together with tacit understanding.
The lack of complete trust between individuals will lead to no tacit understanding and unsuccessful cooperation.
Cooperation is a spirit originated from trust and it is everywhere. More importantly, this spirit is invaluable.